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Experiments in Action


Element 84’s R&D team set out to try and make this dataset easier to use by converting and streaming the GOES-16 NetCDF files as a navigable video so users could search and discover data in a familiar interface on everything from a cell phone to a laptop.


SATcat provides a user-friendly interface to a vast array of underlying data. Element 84’s R&D team leveraged the auto-provisioning nature of AWS to allow users to create an ephemeral Archive of Convenience that can then be used to access the data in tools they’re comfortable using and best suit their problems.


Element 84 has implemented an API on top of NASA's Common Metadata Repository (CMR) that follows the exciting upcoming SpatioTemporal Asset Catalog (STAC) and Web Feature Service 3.0 (WFS) specifications.

We saw that these developing APIs are going to make geospatial data easier to access for everyone with the simplicity REST + JSON. Connecting these specifications with the CMR exposes thousands of collections with 300M+ granules of NASA data through an easy to use API.

We're excited about the future of these APIs and improving geospatial data access and usability. Contact us to find out more and make suggestions.

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